Why you need Telephone System Maintenance

A good telephone system is still vitally important. It’s the primary way to keep in touch with current customers and contact future prospects, and we expect it not to fail.

But what if it does? Apart from feeling extremely irritated when technology doesn’t work, and being snippy about it, what are the other implications of being without this communication facility – even for a short time?

Why do I need a Telephone System Maintenance Contract?

Well – your telesales team would be left twiddling their thumbs for a start!

And what of those customers who want to place an urgent order, or prospects who want to query something before committing to buy? Or someone who’s tracking their delivery and wants to know when it will arrive?

You’ve probably experienced similar situations in your personal life, felt annoyed, wondered about that company’s customer service and made your purchase elsewhere.

Of course, there are many engineers you could call out to fix your telephone system. But what would that cost? A visit could be anything from £70- £200 per hour, and that’s before any costs for repairs, software upgrades or replacement equipment. And who would you call? How much downtime would you spend finding someone who could come and do the job NOW as it’s urgent?

And in the meantime your business is losing money.

Having a telephone system maintenance contract would not only control costs but also avoid issues of downtime and lack of productivity. Important factors in the efficient running of your business.